A Celebration of Black Love

It's February 29th, y'all.

You know what that means. We got another day of Black History Month this year. We have 24 more hours to emulate our Black Girl Magic, Black Boy Joy, Black Excellence all around.

A gif of rapper Tupac dancing.
February mood, tbh.

Obviously, here at WDE, we like to celebrate love--which is why this is the perfect time for us to celebrate Black love: loud and proud. We're breaking down some of our favorite married Black celebrity couples and their weddings. Buckle up.

The Wades

First up on our list has to be the super fly, incredibly talented, and hilarious Dwayne Wade and Gabrielle Union-Wade. The actress-athlete pair opened the year in the headlines, announcing the transition of their daughter, Zaya. It was an important moment for Black parenthood--an example of the unconditional love we should give all of our children. Even before this year, the Wades have shown that they are a leader in merging families. Gabrielle's undertaking of her role in Dwayne's children's lives has, at least publicly, been more than smooth. Even as the couple had a child of their own, the ever expressive Kaavia James, they have maintained their position as a full family. It's inspiring to watch.

Wade Wedding

Dwayne and Gabrielle were married in a beautiful Miami ceremony back in 2014. See their wedding video below!

The Carters

No discussion of Black love in Hollywood is complete without Beyonce Knowles- and Shawn Carter. The couple and parents to three are certainly music's First Couple of the moment. With 20 studio albums, almost 50 Grammy awards, and countless other accomplishments between them, they may be one of the most (if not the most) successful celebrity couples ever.

The Carters are notoriously private, so we don't know much about their wedding. We *do* know that they were married April 4, 2008 in a private ceremony in New York. If you heard their joint project, EVERYTHING IS LOVE, you also know that Beyonce briefly left her husband after multiple instances of infidelity, but they eventually reconciled and had a second, gorgeous wedding -- equally exclusive.

The Obamas

The final married Black couple we loooooooove to celebrate is, of course, our country's former *actual* First Family. Michelle and Barack Obama, two highly impressive people of their own accord, make a highly affluent, stacked-resume team. What more do we have to say?

President and First Lady Obama were wed in 1992 in the city in which they met: Chicago, IL. Just look at how cute they were!

Black love doesn't have to be rich and famous to be beautiful. In fact, we'd argue that the strongest, most powerful instances of Black love are our parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents. Our villages that we see and learn love from every day. Lift up a Black couple in your life every month of the year!

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